Free Course for Pharmacist on Rational Use of Medicines

The World Health Organisation (WHO), Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) launches free e-learning course for registered pharmacist on rational use of medicines.

The course addresses the importance of appropriate medicine uses; it aligns with the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) objective for achieving universal health coverage. It includes access to quality assured medical products to individual. Rational Use of Medicine (RUM) is defined by WHO as, “patients receiving medications appropriate to their clinical needs, in does that meet their requirements, for an adequate time, and at the lowest cost to them and their community”.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), recommends strategies to promote rational use of medicines, which includes drug use policies, clinical guidelines and evidence based clinical practice, essential medicines list, public education about medicines and appropriate and enforced regulation.

Understanding the role of pharmacists in healthcare system for the promotion of rational use of medicine, the WHO, PCI and THSTI has developed this self-paced online course on rational use of medicines. On successful completion of each module and test on each module the pharmacist will get a certificate.

Procedure to apply

Only registered pharmacist of India (central pharmacy council or state pharmacy council) is eligible to apply for this post.

  • Visit official website
  • Fill the basic details
  • Upload pharmacy council registration certificate

Your application will be manually reviewed by the THSTI, and will approve your application.

rational use of medicines e-course
rational use of medicines e-course

This course comprises various modules as follows,

  • Healthcare systems in India
  • Basic concepts of rational use of medicines
  • Pharmacy practice regulations in India
  • Indian drug regulatory system
  • Good prescribing and dispensing practices in India
  • Procurement of medicines in public sector in India
  • Telemedicine /telecommunication
  • Monitoring rational and safe use of medicines in healthcare facilities
  • Prescription audit and monitoring of drug use
  • National and hospital formularies
  • Consumer awareness on rational use of medicines
  • Exit assessment

Official website: click here

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