Cell Junctions

Cell junctions Cell junctions are cellular structures, made up of multiprotein complexes. Cell junctions play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity and functioning coordination of tissue in multicellular organisms. In humans cell junction serve as a building block of a biological connectivity, facilitating communication and cooperation between neighbouring cells. Cell junctions also helps … Read more

Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis

Cell division Cell division is the fundamental biological process essential for growth, development and maintenance of living organisms. Cell division ensures the accurate distribution of genetic material from parent to daughter cells. During the process of cell division, cells rapidly replicate and divide, playing important role in maintaining the stability and functionality of tissues and … Read more

Transport across cell membrane

Introduction Cell is the basic unit of life. Cell performs various functions in the body. The cell transports ions, molecules and nutrients across the cell membrane via various mechanisms. Based on the energy requirement cell transport cane be classified as active transport and passive transport. This transport across the cell membrane is important for maintaining … Read more

Structure and Function of Cell

Introduction Cell is the smallest functional unit of the human body. Individual cells are very tiny in nature and cannot be seen with naked eyes. A group of cell comes together and forms a tissue. Each tissue has some specialized function. For example, blood, bone, muscle, etc. A group of tissues having similar function is … Read more

Introduction To Human Body

Human body or human beings are the complex organisms on this planet. Human body is consisting of billions of microscopic parts and each having its own identity, working together in an organized and systematic manner for the benefit of total being. Human body is a single structure but made up of billions of smaller structures … Read more