Flow Properties of Powders

Introduction The basic and initial requirement in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is the powder. Flow properties of powders affects many common manufacturing problems. Flow properties of powders are basically mechanical property. Powders may be free flowing or sticky. In this article we will see powder characteristics, factors affecting flow properties of powder, methods to determine flow … Read more

Preformulation: Solubility Profile of Drugs

Introduction The maximum amount of solute dissolved in unit amount of solvent in certain conditions of temperature and pH called as solubility. To enter into systemic circulation, the drug is needed to go into the solution form. Solubility profile plays an important role in preformulation study to design a suitable method for obtaining a solution … Read more

Preformulation- Goals, Objective and Physicochemical properties of drug substance

Introduction to Preformulation Preformulation is first phase in the formulation of new dosage form a new drug substance. When new drug is discovered, it needs to be restructured into the appropriate dosage form to produce desired action at a particular site. Preformulation is a study of physical and chemical properties of the drug substance alone … Read more

Solubility of Drugs- Physical Pharmacy

Solubility of drugs  The word soluble obtains from Latin word solvere meaning to dissolve. Solubility of drugs is defined as the amount of solute dissolved in a specific amount of solvent at specific temperature. Solubility is a physicochemical property of a substance to fully dissolve in another substance. Solubility is generally express in gm/lit. Solubility … Read more

Posology- Definition and Factors Affecting Posology

Posology Posology is a branch of medical science which deals with dose or quantity of drugs which can be administered to a patient to get the desired pharmacological action. The word posology is derived from the Greek words ‘posos’ meaning how much and ‘logos’ meaning science. In this article we will see the various factors … Read more