Methods of Expressing Concentrations

Solution concentration In the techniques of quantitative analysis, the use of solution requires some basis for the expression of solution concentration. As a qualitative expression of concentration, we always use the words diluted or concentrated when referring to a solution. As the term dilute means, there is very little amount of solute is present and … Read more

Latest notification for Sepoy Pharmacist 2024

Latest notification for Sepoy Pharmacist 2024 Indian Army invites online applications from male candidates for selection tests for sepoy pharma intake for recruiting year 2024-25. The latest Sepoy Pharmacist recruitment 2024 in Indian army is going to be conducted by various zonal recruiting offices in two phases. Online registration dates from 13 February 2024 to … Read more

Inflammation: Acute Inflammation and Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation Inflammation is the complex defence response triggered due to cell injury and found in vascularized connective tissue. It eliminates the injurious agents and remove the damaged tissue components so that healing can take place. Inflammation leads to accumulation of fluids and leukocytes in extracellular tissues. Inflammation is associated with repair and healing. In this … Read more

Buffer Solution: Buffer Equation and Buffer Capacity

Buffer solution A buffer solution is a solution that resist the changes in pH values. It consists of a mixture of weak acid and its salt or a weak base and its salt. This solution is able to neutralize the effect of small amount of acid or alkali added to solution. Buffer solutions are prepared … Read more

DSSSB Latest Pharmacist Recruitment 2024

Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) has released a latest notification for the recruitment of pharmacist with advertisement number 04/2024 Opening Date for Submission of Online Applications:  13 /02 /2024 (13th February 2024) Closing Date for Closing Date for Submission of Online Applications: 13 /03 /2024 (13th March 2024) (Till 11.59 PM) Post name: pharmacist … Read more

HPPSC Latest Recruitment for Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer 2024

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (HPPSC) has released a latest notification for the recruitment of Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer with advertisement number 1/2-2024. Closing Date for Submission of Online Applications: 08 /03 /2024 (08th March 2024) (Till 11.59 PM). Post name: Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer Number of posts: 41 Pay scale: Level – 8 (Rs. 29700 – … Read more

Limit test for Heavy Metals

Limit test for Heavy Metals Principle Limit test of heavy metals is based on the reaction of metallic impurities with hydrogen sulfide in acidic medium to form brownish color solution. Metals that response to this test are lead, mercury, bismuth, arsenic, antimony, tin, cadmium, silver, copper, and molybdenum. The metallic impurities in substances are expressed … Read more

Limit Test for Chlorides, Sulphates and Iron

Introduction Limit tests are the category of impurity testing in which solution of an unknown sample is compared to a standard solution. Limit test is defined as the quantitative or semi quantitative test designed to identify and control small quantities of impurity which is likely to be present in the substance. In these tests the … Read more

Acids, Bases Theory And pH Scale

Introduction Acids and bases play crucial role in the study of inorganic chemistry. Study of acids and bases helps to understand various chemical reactions and processes. Acids are the substance that donate protons (hydrogen ions) in chemical reactions. Usually, they are sour in taste. Some examples of acids are sulfuric acid, citric acid, acetic acid, … Read more

Physical Parameters for Growth of Bacteria

Physical Parameters for Growth of Bacteria Aside from the kind of media used to support bacterial growth, a number of environmental physical factors are crucial for the best possible growth. Every kind of microorganism needs to have its physical characteristics investigated. Temperature, pH, oxygen, light, hydrostatic pressure, and other factors are a few of these … Read more