Alkane, Alkene and Conjugated Dienes

Introduction Organic chemistry deals with the number of hydrocarbons. Some of the major carbohydrates are alkane, alkene and conjugated dienes. These are the fundamental compounds composed only carbon and hydrogen. Alkanes are also known as the saturated hydrocarbons and utilized as fuel. Alkenes contain at least carbon-carbon double bond and used in plastic, agriculture and … Read more

Structural Isomerism in Organic Compounds

Introduction The structural isomerism arises when each atom of a molecule can be arranged in different order. Isomerism is the phenomenon where two or more compounds have same molecular formula but different physical and chemical properties. Isomers are the compounds which have different physical and chemical properties but same molecular formula. Isomerism in organic compounds … Read more

IUPAC System of Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

Introduction The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) provides a standardized system for naming chemical compounds. This system ensures clarity, consistency, and international acceptance. Understanding IUPAC nomenclature is essential to study organic chemistry. Organic chemistry serves as the backbone of complex scientific disciplines ranging from medicine to material science. IUPAC forms a set … Read more