Practice MCQ For Govt Pharmacist Exam

Practice MCQ For Govt Pharmacist Exam, in this article we will solve,  Practice MCQ on Introduction to Human Body, a topic under Human Anatomy and Physiology first semester. Read following article for your reference.

Introduction To Human Body


Which term refers to the maintenance of a stable internal environment?

– A) Metabolism

– B) Homeostasis

– C) Osmosis

– D) Catabolism


The anatomical position is characterized by all of the following except:

– A) Standing upright

– B) Arms at the sides

– C) Palms facing backward

– D) Feet slightly apart


What is the process by which organisms create energy from food?

– A) Respiration

– B) Digestion

– C) Excretion

– D) Circulation


Which plane divides the body into right and left parts?

– A) Sagittal

– B) Transverse

– C) Frontal

– D) Coronal


The building up of complex substances from simpler ones is known as:

– A) Anabolism

– B) Catabolism

– C) Metabolism

– D) Homeostasis


Which system is responsible for transporting nutrients, gases, and wastes in the body?

– A) Nervous

– B) Digestive

– C) Circulatory

– D) Respiratory


The term ‘distal’ refers to:

– A) Closer to the point of attachment

– B) Farther from the point of attachment

– C) Closer to the head

– D) Closer to the midline


Which of the following is not a basic life process?

– A) Reproduction

– B) Secretion

– C) Movement

– D) Photosynthesis


The dorsal body cavity houses which of the following?

– A) Heart and lungs

– B) Brain and spinal cord

– C) Digestive organs

– D) Urinary bladder


What is the term for the body’s ability to generate heat?

– A) Thermoregulation

– B) Homeostasis

– C) Metabolism

– D) Radiation


Which organ system includes the skin and its associated structures?

– A) Muscular

– B) Integumentary

– C) Skeletal

– D) Endocrine


The term ‘superior’ means:

– A) Toward the front

– B) Toward the back

– C) Above

– D) Below


The breakdown of food into absorbable units is called:

– A) Ingestion

– B) Digestion

– C) Absorption

– D) Defecation


Which life process involves the removal of waste products from the body?

– A) Excretion

– B) Digestion

– C) Respiration

– D) Reproduction


The term ‘medial’ refers to:

– A) Away from the midline

– B) Toward the midline

– C) Toward the head

– D) Toward the feet


The smallest living units of structure and function in the body are:

– A) Organs

– B) Tissues

– C) Cells

– D) Organ systems


Which body system is responsible for the production of hormones?

– A) Cardiovascular

– B) Nervous

– C) Endocrine

– D) Respiratory


The term ‘posterior’ means:

– A) In front of

– B) Behind

– C) Above

– D) Below


The process by which cells use oxygen to produce energy from food is known as:

– A) Fermentation

– B) Glycolysis

– C) Cellular respiration

– D) Photosynthesis


The term ‘inferior’ means:

– A) Toward the front

– B) Toward the back

– C) Above

– D) Below

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