Cultivation of Drugs of Natural Origin

Introduction Cultivation of plants to get medicinal benefits from it requires intensive care and management. The condition and duration of cultivation is depending on quality of medicinal plant required. Cultivation involves precise control of various factors like rainfall, irrigation, fertilizers, pests, humidity, light and temperature. Proper cultivation helps to get better quality and purity of … Read more

Pharmacognosy- Classification of Drugs

Introduction There are thousands of plant species used as medicine. The drugs used in Indian traditional systems of medicines are 90% based on plant sources. These drugs are considered to be safe, cost effective and having minimal side effects.  To study the individual drug, from variety of drugs sources and their uses, one must use … Read more

Pharmacognosy: History, Development, Scope and Sources of Crude Drugs

Introduction Pharmacognosy word is derived from two Greek words, pharmakon means drugs and gignosco means to acquire knowledge of something. The term pharmacognosy is first termed by German scientist Seydler (1815), in his work “Analacta Pharmacognistica”. Pharmacognosy is the systemic study of crude drugs obtained from natural origin like plant, animal and minerals. Pharmacognosy is … Read more