How to become Pharmacist in India

Pharmacist is the medical professional who is qualified in the field of medicine. He is responsible to issue the medicine and guide the patients according to the doctor’s prescription. The pharmacist has in depth knowledge of composition, uses and side effects of medicine. In this article we will see how to become pharmacist in India and start practicing as a pharmacist.

Eligibility to become pharmacist in India

10+2 in science field with the Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, is the preconditioned to pursue any course in the field of pharmacy. After completion of your 10+2 in science stream you can opt for any one of the courses discussed below.

Course Duration Brief details
Diploma in Pharmacy2 yearsIt is a 2 years diploma course after 10+2. You need to crack EXIT exam to register as pharmacist.
Bachelor in Pharmacy3-4 yearsIt is a 4 years degree course after 10+2; and entrance exam.

If you possess a diploma in pharmacy, you will get admission directly to 2nd year of degree and you can complete your course in 3 years.

Master of Pharmacy2 yearsIt is 2 years master’s course after completion of bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and entrance exam (GPAT). You can choose specialisation in M.Pharmacy like, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, quality assurance, medicinal chemistry, etc.
Doctor of Pharmacy6 yearsAfter 10+2- you will require 6 years to complete the course, which include 5 years of academic study + 1 year of internship.

After you will require 3 years to complete the course, which include 2 years of academic study + 1 year of internship.

To practice as a pharmacist in India, you need to register yourself with your state pharmacy council after obtaining above mention qualifications.

Pharmacy courses in India
Pharmacy courses in India

Job profile of pharmacist

  • Dispensing of medications to patients as per prescription.
  • Reviewing the prescription for accuracy and drug incompatibility.
  • Counselling patients about their medications.
  • Educating people on use of medicines and their potential side effects.
  • Managing the inventory pharmacy.
  • Educating other healthcare professional about various medicines.


Pharmacist is the most integral part of the healthcare system. It links the gap between doctor and patients. Pharmacist has an important role in research and manufacturing of medicines. Pharmacist provide information to medical practitioner about newly researched medicines.

Frequently asked questions

How to register as pharmacist in India?

To register as pharmacist in India you should possess requisite qualification like, diploma in pharmacy, degree in pharmacy.

How long does it take to become pharmacist in India?

It takes minimum 2 years after your 10+2.

Where to register as a pharmacist in India?

You can register yourself as pharmacist at your respective state pharmacy council.

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