CGHS Pharmacist- Job profile, Salary, Career growth

In this article we will see, what is CGHS, CGHS pharmacist job profile, CGHS pharmacist exam pattern, CGHS pharmacist salary. What is CGHS The Central Government Health scheme (CGHS) in India is a social service for the welfare of central government employees, pensioners and their dependents. The scheme started in the year 1954. Its objectives … Read more

Introduction To Human Body

Human body or human beings are the complex organisms on this planet. Human body is consisting of billions of microscopic parts and each having its own identity, working together in an organized and systematic manner for the benefit of total being. Human body is a single structure but made up of billions of smaller structures … Read more

How to become Pharmacist in India

Pharmacist is the medical professional who is qualified in the field of medicine. He is responsible to issue the medicine and guide the patients according to the doctor’s prescription. The pharmacist has in depth knowledge of composition, uses and side effects of medicine. In this article we will see how to become pharmacist in India … Read more

Classification of Organic Compounds

The compounds which contain carbon in their molecule are known as organic compounds. The organic compounds we get from earths crust in very small percentage, but the importance of organic compounds in all living things is much more. The number of compounds that contain carbon are much more than the compounds which do not contain … Read more

An Introduction to Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the science and practice which teach us safe and effective use of medicines. A person qualified in pharmacy called as pharmacist. In this article we will see what is the pharmacy, its history and types. What is the Pharmacy Pharmacy is the science and practice of discovering, producing, preparing, dispensing, reviewing and monitoring … Read more